Message From Our Rov

Welcome to the Khilah Marine Park website and to our shul.  We are very proud to be the only shul in this newly "discovered" area of Brooklyn to be named "Khilah".  The Home Page Imagemeaning of "Khilah" can perhaps be understood based on a statement in the Talmud Yerushalmi (Horios 1:6): R. Meir says all the tribes together are called a "kahal", R. Yehuda says each tribe alone is called a "kahal".  The word "kahal" translates as "congregation" or "community", but it's deeper meaning is - the coming together of a number of individuals to form a group, yet retaining each one's sense of individuality.  Our shul is formed by an eclectic group of congregants with a range across the Hashkafic spectrum of Orthodoxy.  Each brings his own unique qualities to the shul and adds to the whole, yet each retains his uniqueness.  We are not an Agudas Yisroel or a Young Israel - we are a Khilah.

         The Khilah, besides providing Tefillos on Shabbos, provides the community with Divrei Torah on Shabbos Night & Day, an almost weekly Kiddush, a weekly Shalosh Seudos during the winter months, and an Avos U’Banim program during the long winter Motzaei Shabossos.  We have a daily Shachris Minyan the entire year, and Shiurim given on a plethora of topics by myself on a weekly basis.  We are a young, warm, vibrant, rapidly growing shul, with a positive and happy atmosphere, and encourage others to join us for our  Tefillos, Shiurim, and programs – a complete list of which can be found on this website.

Hoping to see you join us,
Baruch Pesach Mendelson



3605 Quentin Rd.
Brooklyn, NY 11234


R. Baruch Pesach Mendelson
Marah De'Asrah

Moshe Halberstam

Meir Friedman
First Vice President

Menashe Roth
Second Vice President

Moish Holczer

Moshe Kundin


Dovi Neuhaus
Gabbai Rishon

Shmuel Pine
Gabbai Sheini

Shaya Caller
Gabbai Shlishi